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Keep it Simple Stickies

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These fun sticky notes are cor MANY occasions. Need to leave a note for an annoying family member? Send a reminder to your boss or coworker? What better way?! We all love using sticky notes, but now lets put a title on them! 

Some wonderful examples below! 


Navy Blue: "Thumbs up"
On this sticky note you can check: Thumbs up OR Now Go Away
Somethings you can write:
     - As a Parent and/or Manager: You did a great job today! Keep up the good work (Checks Thumbs Up)
     - As a Sibling: Awesome you finished my chores! Thanks bro! (Checks Now Go Away)

Teal: "P.S."
You can check: That's All
Somethings you can write: 
     - As a Partner: P.S. Dishes need to be unloaded fom the dishwasher... Please unload 
     - As a Sibling: P.S. I used your shirt as a tissue...That's All

Lavendar: "ALL OUT OF"
You can check: Groceries, Prescriptions, Office Supplies, Toiletries, Household, Mojo
No matter your notation needs, ensure that even the smallest stuff gets noticed. This is set up where you can list up to 18 products that you are All Out Of! Great reminder for yourself or a friend/family members.

Green: "OMG"
You can check: FYI (for your info.), IMHO (in my honest opinion), TMI (too much info.), LOL (laugh out loud)
                        At bottom: TTYL (talk to you later)
Somethings you can write: 
     - OMG FYI I did NOT leave the TP roll empty.... YOU did. TTYL
     - OMG IMHO You should quit your job... this is way too late to be coming home.
     - OMG TMI I didn't need to hear what i heard last night guys!
     - OMG LOL Remind me to tell you about what happened at work today! TTYL

You can check: Enjoying Lunch, Kissing Butt, Texting Friends, Cruising the Internet, Getting Coffee, Or Pretending to be sick
This sticky note allows a date and time to be written as well.
At the bottom you can check: SO THERE
Somethings you can write: 
     - While you were Enjoying Lunch I made myself a grilled cheese with bacon.... SO THERE
     - While you were Kissing Butt and getting nowhere in your attempt to get the promotion... I am now your manager!
     - While you were Texting Friends our son said his first word.... it was Mama.... not Dada.... SO THERE
     - While you were Crusing the Internet I made dinner for the family... I excluded you since it was family time and you werent part of it.... here's the number to Dominoes Pizza...
     - While you were Getting Coffee Sarah and I decided we would go out to get breakfast... who's the real winner here
     - While you were Pretending to be Sick I worked overtime for you and made $400 extra! Thanks man! 

Purple: "MINE!"
You can check: Dont Touch, Dont Eat, Dont Wear, or Dont Steal
At the bottom you can check: DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT
Somethings you can write: 
     - MINE! Don't Touch my paints! 
     - MINE! Don't Eat my Bacon! DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!
     - MINE! Don't Wear my cowboy boots!
     - MINE! Don't Steal my movies! DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

Light Blue: "WHATEVER"
You can check: Dont Care OR Actually Do Care
Somethings you can write: 
     - Have fun with your friends... Don't Care
     - Have Fun Drinking... Actually Do Care

Orange: " Just Sayin' "
You can check: Say What?, Know what I'm Sayin'?, Ill say
You can check at the bottom: Nuff Said
Somethings you can write: 
     - Say What? I heard that Suzanne no longer works here!
     - This work week sucks big time... who made the schedule? KNow what I'm sayin'?
     - Today sucks..... NUFF SAID

Salmon: "ASAP*"
*As Slowly As Possible
Somethings you can write: 
     - To your kids: GROW UP!
     - To your partner: I think we need to go faster in our relationship...

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